Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rock Giganten.2CDs.2011[mp3]

Rock Giganten.2CDs.2011[mp3]

Rock Giganten.2CDs.2011[mp3]

HASH: b082bfec908c705646daa5c3c82996067e63687e

*Rock Giganten.2CDs.2011[][mp3].zip

+CD1/01Shout It Out Loud.mp3

+CD1/02 T For Texas.mp3

+CD1/03 Blowin Eree.mp3

+CD1/04 Takin Care of Business.mp3

+CD1/05 The Rocker.mp3

+CD1/06 (Whe Are) The Roadcrew.mp3

+CD1/07 Rainbow In The Dark.mp3

+CD1/08 Rock Your Mama.mp3

+CD1/09 Heat In The Street.mp3

+CD1/10 Wishing well.mp3

+CD1/11 Keep On Running.mp3

+CD1/12 I m A Believer.mp3

+CD1/13 Dr. Stein.mp3

+CD1/14 Real Wild child (Wild one).mp3

+CD1/15 Southbound.mp3

+CD1/16 Heat of the Moment.mp3

+CD2/01 Gypsy.mp3

+CD2/02 Restless And Wild.mp3

+CD2/03 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll.mp3

+CD2/04 Jumping Jack Flash.mp3

+CD2/05 Difficult to Cure.mp3

+CD2/06 Teenage Frankenstein.mp3

+CD2/07 The Spirit of Radio.mp3

+CD2/08 Lorelei.mp3

+CD2/09 A Fortune In Lies.mp3

+CD2/10 Personal Jesus.mp3

+CD2/11 Last Ride.mp3

+CD2/12 Gypsy Road.mp3

+CD2/13 Burning The Witches.mp3

+CD2/14 Cuts Like A Knife.mp3

+CD2/15 Whatever You Want.mp3

+CD2/16 House Of The Rising Sun.mp3

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